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Book Reviews:

“What an incredible career/life you”ve had. It will be an honor to work with you on editing your book.” -Becky Oleson (Chapel Hill, North Carolina)

“Rockabilly Heaven is an absorbing story of the birth of rockabilly music seen through the eyes of Sid Holmes, a founding member of the West Texas band The Cavaliers. Mr. Holmes remembers not only the stars of the era such as Elvis, Buddy Holly and Roy Orbison but also writes about many of the lesser-known musicians with West Texas roots. A fascination read!” -Ann Vyers (Graphic Artist The Print Place Addison, TX)

“Thank you so much for the copy of your new book and labor of love “Rockabilly Heaven.” It is evident how much you love music, San Angelo, West Texas and the years that you were actively with the Cavaliers. I am rather certain that no one else has your collection of memorabilia from this era, and that the history would have been partially lost if not for your efforts. Instead, you have taken the time to makes sure that Angelo State University, local arts enthusiast, and others have a copy to preserve this one-of-a-kind history of our region and its music. I have especially enjoyed the historic references to San Angelo, and even the most recent photos. Your perseverance and enthusiasm are much appreciated.” -Phil Neighbors (President San Angelo Chamber of Commerce)

“I got the book. Thank you! I have read it from cover to cover and it is wonderful. Great stories, great data, great photos! I am about half way through the CD-great!” -Dr. William Clark (San Antonio, TX).

“Sid, I”m lovin” the book. Got it this morning and already about half through. I”m itching to write about the book but will hold off until you”re ready” -Rick Smith (San Angelo Standard Times Columnist).

“Rockabilly Heaven arrived in yesterday”s mail. I read it cover to cover last night. We finally have the “definitive” on “Last Kiss.” Great photos throughout. Loved the name of the publisher too: Ft Phantom Lake Publishing. Just another tip of the hat to West Texas! I hope the book receives the reception it deserves.” -Joe W. Specht (Music historian Abilene, TX).

“Received the book yesterday and read it through. It is loaded with historical information about West Texas music in the 50s and 60s along with the beginnings of the rock and roll era. It should inform persons very well about you and the Cavaliers. Â And along with the good times you have unveiled the seedy side of dealing with promoters who steal writing, publishing and production credits and even imposters. And how many times we have seen an independent record company who would get a hit song and immediately file bankruptcy in order to avoid paying the artists? One has to have a lot of love of playing music to endure all of the “takers.”

You summed it up very well and I, for one, give you credit for taking the time and putting out the effort and money for the project. There are always critics out there who say disparaging things when any of us write books or make recordings but as you know we have to rise above these kinds and chalk them up to miserable small minds and envy. Anyone interested in the history of the music scene from those times will appreciate Rockabilly Heaven. The CD and especially the live recordings from the 50s are a nice touch.” -Joe Sonny West (Singer/songwriter Abilene, TX)

“I just wanted to send you a note and to thank you for the book “Rockabilly Heaven.” I so enjoyed reading about The Cavaliers both past and present! Dad would have enjoyed it too! Again, thank you so much for sharing your memories of our dad. The book is wonderful to have!” -Capucine Ruble Gay (oldest daughter of Tommy Ruble)

“I just received the book Rockabilly Heaven West Texas In The 50s. Looks like Sid did a great job putting this book together and you can easily tell it was a labor of love. I like the way Sid gets into long overdo information on lesser known artist like Dean Beard. Sid certainly has something to be proud of in the time he spent in Memphis with pictures of himself with Jerry Lee, Scotty Moore, Bill Black and others. I love the pictures of the old theaters in West Texas and other historical places there. The book gives great insight to what it was like being in a band in West Texas in the 50s.” -Steve Bonner (Photographer Dallas, TX)

“Congratulations on writing a fine book about that magical music era. I am enjoying and it is bringing back a lot of memories. Although my stint with the Cavaliers was pretty short, I can relate to a lot of the other bands and musicians you wrote about like Dean Beard, Bill Graham, James Thomas, Calvin Bell, Bobby Roundtree and others.” -Bob Zeller Bob Zeller (Wildlife Photography San Angelo, TX)

The amount of information is very impressive and lots of photos as well. It will take me a good while to digest it all. It is very concise and well organized. It is more than just a book as you have definitely created what you intended in your own words…A West Texas Music Historical Document. -D. B. Warren (Chet-style guitar player from Clyde, TX)

I was very impressed, especially with the detail and your ability to pass it on. A lot of Elvis I never knew. The Davis Mountain stuff too. I liked the San Angelo history via you guys. I auditioned for Slim Willet’s weekly shows at the Rose Coliseum as a singer never hearing back and Slim didn’t hunt me down, so my Country music career ended in 1952. Oh well, some time later would be Buddy Holly and us Picks. Good luck on your endeavor. -Bob Lapham (The Picks and retired from the Abilene Reporter News)

The book came today. Looks awesome! Only had a chance to flip through it but can’t wait to spend more time. When I get the chance I’ll do a page up about it on Scotty’s site. Thanks again, – James Roy (creator/manager of Scotty Moore’s outstanding web site)

Loved the book. Very impressive. As usual I have been moving around a lot. I presented your ideas (West Texas Music Hall of Fame-Museum) to our consulting team. We are deeply sympathetic to your wonderful ideas. It needs a home. We don’t have the resources to buy you one but we will be doing what we can to see if we can find a space that would work for you. I would love to see it located in our district. If you want to do a signing party or an event here I would be glad to make our room available without charge. You have contributed greatly to an understanding and appreciation of our amazing musical heritage. Keep up your wonderful efforts. -Howard Taylor (Director San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts)

On behalf of the Buddy Holly Center we thank you for the book. We will place it in the museum’s library for future reading and research. Thank you again and best of luck with the book. -Brooke Witcher (Education Coordinator BH Center)

The book will be read and the CD will be enjoyed by many in our community. It is an honor to be given this informative collection of West Texas music. -The Jeff Davis County Library

The book is fantastic…reading little at a time. Lots of pictures and new stories and thanks so much. You’ve had some really cool guitars over the years and the live stuff from 56-57 sounds great! -Chuck Smith

I just received a copy and I can’t put it down. As a life-long citizen of San Angelo Lakeview this book has stirred many happy memories. Thank you for recording the rich history of our city and West Texas. -Dwain Morrison (San Angelo City Councilman)

I am Gail Pollock and I am Scotty Moore’s companion. He asked me to send you a note telling you how much he is enjoying reading your book you had sent him. Enclosed find the information and addresses you had requested concerning Bill Black’s family members (1 son and 2 daughters). Again, Scotty thanks you for his book. He is enjoying the trip back through his life very much. -Gail Pollock for Scotty Moore

What a life and what a great compilation of factual history. West Texas is clearly filled with talent. That includes you among the many. A coupIe of guys I immediately recognized and related to were Seals and Croft. They helped me earn an “A” in Religion at TCU when I performed “Hummingbird” in class and interpreted its meanings connected with the Baha’i faith) I heard about the New York “Cavaliers” and now know they exist because of Frank’s misuse of his contractual ties to you. I don’t know how the Wisconsin guy thought he could pull off being J. Frank. The CD let me hear the final version of “Times of Your Life” and it is a masterpiece. I am thankful that you invited me to become a Cavalier and part of the book and recordings. -Neil Sheckels

The photos, the mini biographies of the artistes involved in your story and the anecdotal narratives make for an extremely comforting and knowledge enhancing read and the bonus CD is the ”icing on the cake”. As a big fan of West Texas rockabilly I have purposely read your book twice and I must say that you should be extremely proud of your efforts. Many thanks and profuse congratulations for writing such a lovely book and for sharing this part of your life with the readers of the book. -David Stone, United Kingdom

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