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Top Teams of the Century

Abilene Eagles

3 Straight State Championships (1954-1955-1956) with 49 Straight Wins and a Grand Total of 7 (1923-1928-1931-1954-1955-1956-2009) and 2 Runner-ups (1922-1927)

Breckinridge Buckaroos

4 State Championships & 2 Co-Championships


Brownwood Lions

7 State Championships (1960-1965-1967-1969-1970-1978-1981) and 1 Runner-up (1977)

Cisco Lobos

1 State Championships (2013) and 3 Runner-up (2006, 2008 and 2011)

Crowell Wildcats (6 man)

The 2014 Wildcats 6 man team go down in history as the most dominate in Texas football history

Ft. Hancock Mustangs (6 man)

4 Straight State Championships (1988-1989-1990-1991) 70 straight wins (State Record) a Grand Total of 5 (1986-1988-1989-1990-1991) and 1 Runner-up (1992)

Midland Lee Rebels

3 Straight State Championships (1998-1999-2000)

and 1 Runner-up (1983)

Odessa Permian Panthers

5 State Championships, 1 Co-Championship (1965-1972-1980-1984-1989-1991 and 4 Runner-ups (1968-1970-1975-1985) 1989 Team were National Champions

Richland Springs Coyotes (6 man)

5 State Championships (2004-2006-2007-2010-2012) and 1 Runner-up (2001)

Sonora Broncos

5 State Championships (1966-1968-1970-1971-2000) and 1 Runner-Up in 1969)

Stamford Bulldogs

5 State Championships (1955-1956-1958-1959-2012) and 1 Runner-Up in 2011)


The Dream Team


Shea Morenz-San Angelo Central Bobcats; Colt McCoy-Jim Ned Indians; Jack Mildren-Abilene Cooper Cougars, Tyler Ethridge-Richland Springs Coyotes (6 man) Wes Wood Muleshoe Mules; & Bert Gravitt-Denver City Mustangs


Cedric Benson-Midland Lee Rebels; Jacoby Jones-Bangs Dragons; Donnie Anderson-Stinnett Comanches, Joe Ed Pesch-Breckinridge Buckaroos, Glen Gregory-Abilene Eagles Jack Newby-Amarillo Golden Sandstorm; & Shaud Williams-Andrews Mustangs


Jack Pardee-Christoval Cougars (6 man); John Kimbrough-Haskell Indians; Doug McCutchen-Bronte Longhorns; Byron Townsend-Odessa Broncos & Bud Rollins-Wink Wildcats

Wide Receivers:

Tommy Jones-Crane Golden Cranes; Jon Harrison-Abilene Cooper Cougars; Roy Williams-Odessa Permian Panthers; Lawrence Elkins-Brownwood Lions; & Lloyd Hill-Odessa Permian Panthers

Linemen & Defensive Backs:

E. J. Holub-Lubbock Westerners; Scott Appleton-Brady Bulldogs; Jerry Sizemore-Plainview Bulldogs; Jerry Tubbs-Breckinridge Buckaroos; Glenn Gregory-Abilene Eagles; Steve Dowden-Odessa Broncos; Jerry Gray-Lubbock Estacado Matadors; Zack Thomas-Pampa Harvesters; John Lagrone-Borger Bulldogs; Myrle Greathouse-Amarillo Golden Sandstorm, Bob Harrison-Stamford Bulldogs & Dave Parks-Abilene Eagles


Sammy Baugh-Sweetwater Mustangs & Donny Anderson-Stinnett Indians

Point after Touchdowns:

Michael Scott-El Paso Franklin Cougars, Glenn Gregory-Abilene Eagles

Field Goal Kicker:

Russell Wheatley-Odessa Permian Panthers

6 Man Running Back:

Tony Diaz-Paint Rock Indians


The Record Holders

  • Single Game Passing Touchdowns: 8 Kirk Saul Turkey Valley Patriots
  • Single Season Passing Attempts 499 Coleman Bentley Canadian Wildcats
  • Career Passing Yards: 9,344 Colt McCoy-Tuscola Jim Ned Indians
  • Single Season Passing Touchdowns: 64 Wes Wood Muleshoe Mules
  • Career Touchdown Passes: 116 Colt McCoy
  • Career Pass Completions: 536 Colt McCoy
  • Single Season Rushing Yardage: 4,045 David Mora-Mason Punchers Previous: 3,526 Eric Benson-Midland Lee Rebels
  • Career Rushing Yards: 8,418 Eric Benson
  • 100 or More Yards Rushing Games Career: 41 Jacoby Jones-Bangs Dragons
  • Single Game Rushing Yardage: 428 Tracy White-Tahoka Bulldogs
  • Rushing Touchdowns Season: 51 Bert Gravitt-Denver City Mustangs & Eric Bentson-Midland Lee Rebels
  • Touchdowns Career: 127 Eric Benson-Midland Lee Rebels
  • Scoring In One Game: 55 Doro Mendoza-Wink Wildcats
  • Scoring In A Season: 333 Bert Gravitt-Denver City Mustangs
  • Scoring Career: 650 Setrick Dickens-Quanah Indians
  • Longest Field Goal: 62 Yards David Leaverton-Midland Bulldogs; Ralph Heaten-El Paso Irvin Rockets and Russell Wheatley-Odessa Permian Panthers
  • Consecutive Point After Touchdowns: 79 Michael Scott-El Paso Franklin Cougars
  • Single Game Passing Attempts: 66 D. J. Check-Clint Cubs
  • Longest Punt: 97 yards Gary Bolen-McCamey Badgers
  • Longest Fumble Return: 101 Yards Chance Rodriguez-Baird Bears
  • Longest Interception Return: 108 Yards Norris Blount-Lubbock Monterey Plainsmen; Bobby Reyes-Plainview Bulldogs & Arnold Navarro-Kermit Yellow Jackets
  • Longest Blocked Point After Touchdown Return: 105 yards Tony Cunningham-Abilene Cooper Cougars
  • Longest Blocked Field Goal Return: 105 Stan Rigler-Plainview Bulldogs
  • Most Rushing Carries In One Game: 60 Scott Hutchinson-Dumas Demons
  • Rushing Carries Season: 498 David Mora-Mason Punchers Previous:408 Red Bailey-Tahoka Bulldogs
  • Interceptions Career: 40 Mike Boxwell-Dumas Demons
  • Highest Team Scoring in 11 Man: Spur Bulldogs 186 to 0 against Lorenzo Hornets in 1930.
  • Highest Scoring Running Backs: Jim Hahn scored 60 points and Brode Puckett 58 points.(unofficial record)
  • Nation’s Career Touchdown Pass Record: 197 Tyler Ethridge-Richland Springs Coyotes (6 man)


State Championship Teams

  • 1921 Abilene Eagles
  • 1928 Abilene Eagles
  • 1931 Abilene Eagles
  • 1934 Amarillo Golden Sand Storm
  • 1935 Amarillo Golden Sand Storm
  • 1936 Amarillo Golden Sandstorm
  • 1939 Lubbock Plainsmen
  • 1940 Amarillo Golden Sand Storm
  • 1943 San Angelo Bobcats
  • 1946 Odessa Broncos
  • 1948 Monahans Lobos
  • 1949 Littlefield Wildcats
  • 1951 Breckinridge Buckaroos
  • 1951 Lubbock Plainsmen
  • 1952 Breckinridge Buckaroos
  • 1952 Lubbock Plainsmen
  • 1954 Breckinridge Buckaroos
  • 1954 Abilene Eagles
  • 1954 Phillips Black Hawks
    (A major refinery explosion in 1980 caused Philips Petrolium Company to close the town in 1989. The schools, the only remaining structures, are now used as offices.)
  • 1955 Abilene Eagles
  • 1955 Stamford Bulldogs
  • 1956 Stamford Bulldogs
  • 1956 Abilene Eagles
  • 1956 Stinnett Comanches
  • 1958 Breckinridge Buckaroos
  • 1958 Stamford Bulldogs
  • 1959 Breckinridge Buckaroos (Co Champs)
  • 1959 Stamford Bulldogs
  • 1960 Midland Tarver Hornets
    (Prairie View Interscholastic League)
  • 1960 Albany Lions
  • 1960 Brownwood Lions
  • 1960 Denver City Mustangs
  • 1961 Dumas Demons
  • 1961 Albany Lions
  • 1962 Rotan Yellowhammers
  • 1962 Dumas Demons
  • 1965 Odessa Permian Panthers
  • 1965 Brownwood Lions
  • 1966 Sonora Broncos
  • 1966 San Angelo Bobcats
  • 1967 Brownwood Lions
  • 1968 Sonora Broncos
  • 1968 Lubbock Estacado Matadors
  • 1969 Brownwood Lions
  • 1970 Sonora Broncos
  • 1970 Brownwood Lions
  • 1971 Sonora Broncos (Co-Champs)
  • 1972 Odessa Permian Panthers
  • 1974 Marathon Mustangs (6 man)
  • 1976 Marathon Mustangs (6 man)
  • 1978 Brownwood Lions
  • 1980 Odessa Permian Panthers
  • 1981 Whitharral Panthers (6 man)
  • 1981 Brownwood Lions
  • 1982 Eastland Mavericks
  • 1983 Knox City Greyhounds
  • 1984 Jayton Jaybirds (6 man)
  • 1984 Odessa Permian Panthers (Co-Champs)
  • 1985 Jayton Jaybirds (6 man)
  • 1985 Sweetwater Mustangs
  • 1986 Ft Hancock Mustangs (6 man)
  • 1988 Ft Hancock Mustangs (6 man)
  • 1989 Ft. Hancock Mustangs (6 man)
  • 1989 Odessa Permian Panthers
  • 1990 Ft. Hancock Mustangs (6 man)
  • 1991 Ft. Hancock Mustangs (6 man)
  • 1993 Panther Creek Panthers (6 man)
  • 1993 Sudan Hornets
  • 1994 Amherst Bulldogs (6 man)
  • 1995 Amherst Bulldogs (6 man)
  • 1996 Iraan Braves
  • 1997 Borden County Coyotes (6 man)
  • 1997 Stanton Buffalos
  • 1998 Midland Lee Rebels
  • 1999 Midland Lee Rebels
  • 2000 Midland Lee Rebels
  • 2000 Sonora Broncos
  • 2000 Panther Creek Panthers (6 man)
  • 2001 Whitharral Panthers (6 man)
  • 2004 Abilene Wylie Bulldogs
  • 2004 Richland Springs Coyotes (6 man)
  • 2006 Richland Springs Coyotes (6 man)
  • 2006 Vernon Northside Indians (6 man)
  • 2007 Richland Springs Coyotes (6 man)
  • 2008 Muleshoe Fighting Mules
  • 2008 Stratford Fighting Elks
  • 2008 Canadian Wildcats
  • 2008 Borden County Coyotes
  • 2009 Borden County Coyotes (6 man)
  • 2009 Abilene Eagles
  • 2009 Garden City Bearkats (6 man)
  • 2009 Panther Creek Panthers (6 man)
  • 2010 Garden City Bearkats (6 man)
  • 2010 Richland Springs (6 man)
  • 2011 Mason Punchers
  • 2011 Richland Springs Coyotes (6 man)
  • 2012 Stamford Bulldogs
  • 2012 Richland Springs Coyotes (6 man)
  • 2013 Cisco
  • 2013 Stamford
  • 2014 Canadian Wildcats
  • 2014 Crowell Wildcats (6 man)
  • 2016 Richland Springs Coyotes (6 man)
  • 2016 Borden County Coyotes(6 man)


State Runner-ups

  • 1922 Abilene Eagles
  • 1927 Abilene Eagles
  • 1929 Breckinridge Buckaroos
  • 1930 Amarillo Golden Sandstorm
  • 1930 Spur Bulldogs
  • 1938 Lubbock Plainsmen
  • 1948 Amarillo Golden Sandstorm
  • 1950 Kermit Yellow Jackets
  • 1953 Ballinger Bearcats
  • 1954 Albany Lions
  • 1956 Brady Bulldogs
  • 1957 Brady Bulldogs
  • 1957 Sweetwater Mustangs
  • 1959 Sundown Roughnecks
  • 1959 Brady Bulldogs
    (Stamford edged Brady in the finals but were
    stripped by the UIL for an ineligible player living

    at the fire dept with Brady fans and team
    refusing to accept the trophy.)
  • 1961 Quanah Indians
  • 1962 Borger Bulldogs
  • 1967 Abilene Cooper Cougars
  • 1968 Odessa Permian Panthers
  • 1969 Sonora Broncos
  • 1970 Odessa Permian Panthers
  • 1973 Marathon Mustangs (6 man)
  • 1975 Marathon Mustangs (6 man)
  • 1975 Odessa Permian Panthers
  • 1975 Childress Bobcats
  • 1977 Marathon Mustangs (6 man)
  • 1977 Seagraves Eagles
  • 1977 Brownwood Lions
  • 1980 Rankin Red Devils
  • 1981 Wink Wildcats
  • 1982 Roscoe Plowboys
  • 1982 Littlefield Wildcats
  • 1983 Mozelle (6 man)
    Never a town just a school located near
    Coleman that is just a memory now)
  • 1983 Midland Lee Rebels
  • 1983 Lubbock Estacato Matadors
  • 1984 Panhandle Panthers
  • 1985 Christoval Cougars (6 man)
  • 1985 Odessa Permian Panthers
  • 1986 Christoval Cougars (6 man)
  • 1988 Zephyr Bulldogs (6 man)
  • 1988 Quanah Indians
  • 1989 Jayton Jaybirds (6 man)
  • 1989 Sudan Hornets
  • 1989 Vernon Lions
  • 1990 Christoval Cougars (6 man)
  • 1991 Christoval Cougars (6 man)
  • 1991 Albany Lions
  • 1992 Ft. Hancock Mustangs (6 man)
  • 1992 Sudan Hornets
  • 1993 Dell City Cougars (6 man)
    A tiny remote town near Guadalupe Nation
    Park in far West Texas
  • 1995 Roscoe Plowboys
  • 1995 Odessa Permian Panthers
  • 1996 Whitharral Panthers (6 man)
  • 1996 Abilene Cooper Cougars
  • 1997 Panther Creek Panthers (6 man)
  • 1998 Borden County Coyotes (6 man)
  • 1999 Groom Tigers (6 man)
  • 1999 Aspermont Hornets
  • 1999 Hereford Whitefaces
  • 2000 Highland Hornets (6 man)
  • 2000 Abilene Wylie Pirates
  • 2001 Richland Springs Coyotes (6 man)
  • 2002 Sanderson Eagles (6 man)
  • 2002 Bangs Dragons
  • 2002 Cisco Lobos
  • 2002 Midland Greenwood Rangers
  • 2002 Midland Bulldogs
  • 2003 Ft. Davis Indians (6 man)
  • 2003 Jim Ned Indians
  • 2003 Bangs Dragons
  • 2004 Turkey Valley Patriots (6 man)
  • 2005 Turkey Valley Patriots (6 man)
  • 2006 Jayton Jaybirds (6 man)
  • 2006 Rule Bobcats (6 man)
  • 2006 McCamey Badgers
  • 2006 Cisco Lobos
  • 2006 Littlefield Wildcats
  • 2007 Rule Bobcats (6 man)
  • 2007 Seymour Panthers
  • 2008 Cisco Lobos
  • 2009 Albany Lions
  • 2009 Roscoe Highland Hornets (6 Man)
  • 2009 Abilene Wylie Bulldogs
  • 2009 Canadian Wildcats
  • 2010 Goldwaithe Eagles
  • 2010 Sterling City (6 man)
  • 2011: Cisco Lobos
  • 2011 Stamford Bulldogs
  • 2013 Wall
  • 2014 Mason Punchers
  • 2014 Albany Lions
  • 2016 Iran Braves
  • 2016 Balmorhea Bears (6 man)
  • 2016 Abilene Wylie Bulldogs



Abilene Cooper Cougars 

Matt Freeman

David Graham

Jon Harrison

Jack Mildren

Josh Robinson

Abilene Eagles

Twyman Ash

Ralph Balfanz

Bob Bearden

Tommy Boyd

Michael Bryant

Jimmy Carpenter

Chuck Colvin

Norman Daulton

Alec Egan

Bob Estes

Fred Green

Glenn Gregory

Wilson Groseclose

Rusty Harris

Eddie Hodges

Chuck Hughes

Clay Johnston

Boyd King

Rufus King

Bobby Jack Oliver

David Parks

Stuart Peake

Jimmy Perry

Richard Putman

Bill Sides

Aultman Smith

Stanley Smith

Harold “Hayseed” Stephens

Marvin Tate

John Thomas

James Welch

Glenn Wyatt

Abilene Wylie Bulldogs

Brink Huffine

Mike Seidensticker

Albany Lions

Johnny Agan

Jaxon Bailey

Doug Connor

Eraclio Espinosa

Rocky Hill

Rod Montgomery

Tyler Neatherlin

Jim Wood

James Washington

Johnnie Woodard

Alpine Bucks

Carl Chandler

George Davis

Amarillo Caprock Longhorns

Addison Bustos

 Amarillo Golden Sandstorm

Rudy Bauman

Jimmy Bennett

Burl Bufkin

Bob Cleeson

Robert Clesson

Harland Collins

J. R. Corbitt

Delbert Coyne

James Garner

Myrle Greathouse

Pat Harkins

John Harlow

Dwight Hoskins

M. T. Johnson

Bill Juett

Gary King

Cliff Mathews

Stan Mauldin

Stanley Mauldin

Ted Moss

Jack Newby

Fred Nicklaus

W. “Windy” Nicklaus

John Peterson

Elwin Rickets

Soapy Sudbury

John Sullivan

Mike Sweeney

Bill Thompson

Thurman Tigart

Kenny Vinyard

Jim Warner

Don Williams

Dub Wooten

Amarillo Tascosa Rebels

Danny Abbott

Bill Hobbs

Richard Ross

Amherst Bulldogs

Dewayne Miles

Andrews Mustangs 

Ronnie Hawthorne

Tommy Jackson

Shaud Williams

Anson Tigers

Larry Cox

Ricky Watts

Aspermont Hornets 

James Ray

Baird Bears 

Calvin Barnes

Ballinger Bearcats

Doug Cox

George McCorstin

Milford Wiley

Bangs Dragons

Jacoby Jones

Justin Truelove

Big Lake Owls

Tommy Franklin

Ed Smeiser

Big Spring Steers

Ollie Cordill

Albert Fierro

Tommy Franklin

Charley Johnson

Carlisle Robinson

Charlie West

Borger Bulldogs

Melvin Gibbs

John Lagrone

John McDaniel

Brady Bulldogs

Scott Appleton

Billy Cavin

Pence Dacus

Fletcher Fields

Dennis Lane

Charles Reynolds

Danny Williams

Breckenridge Buckaroos

Joe Crousen

Donald Davis

Sonny Everett

John Ford

Ken Ford

Jerry Gibson

Wayne Greenlee

Jack Gunlock

Jack Harris

Charles Huddleston

Troy Kennedy

Bobby Lockett

Boyce Magness

Larry Parker

Jerry Payne

Donald Robbins

Dickie Rogers

Richard Rowan

Jakie Sandefer

James Spencer

Leonard Talbert

Jerry Tubbs

Bennett Watts

Joe Ed Pesch

Bronte Longhorns

Alan Barbee

Doug McCutchen

Brownfield Cubs

Randy Bishop

Bobby Davis

Ronnie Davis

Jerrell Price

Brownwood Lions

Nathan Allen

Graylon Brown

Dillon Burleson

Jimmy Carmichael

Glenn Coles

Lawrence Elkins

Ben Elledge

Cade Ellis

Leondus Fry

Leonard George

Wayne Harrett

James Harris

David Henley

Cooper Howely

Mike Kinsey

Ray Masters

Vance McShane

Shelby Miller

Casey Pachall

Jim Piper

Joe Piper

Joe Shaw

Jaxon Shipley

Si Southall

Tommy Vaughn

Roland Warren

Levi Westerman

Perry Young

Canadian Wildcats

Coleman Bentley

Taylor Chappell

Bill Cross

Dereck Lovvorn

Jed Rankin

Childress Bobcats

James “T” Jones

Charles Mitchell

Perry Morren

Christoval Cougars

Jack Pardee

Cisco Lobos

Cecil Irvin

Jim Sitton

Clyde Bulldogs

Alton Brennan

Alan Hamilton

Coleman Bluecats

Bronson Buzzard

Tommy Casey


Colorado City Wolves

Hollis Gainey

Don Maynard

Crane Golden Cranes

Tom Butler

Gabe Garcia

Tommy Jones

Calvin Kirkham

Bob McKay

Juan Sanoval

Gunner Tatum

Cross Plains Buffalos

Blake Hutchins

Dalhart Wolves

Danny Bush


John Colquit


Tommy Ledbetter

George Pepper

John Quint

Denver City Mustangs

Billy Childers


Bill Gravitt

Bert Gravitt

Pat Hubbard

David Mitchell


Jimmy Young

Dimmitt Bobcats

Junior Coffey

James Cowell


Dumas Demons

Kelly Baker

Norman Bonner

Mike Boxwell

Rick Burgess

Joe Casas

Rojelio Chavira

Robert David

Jerry Glover

Bobby Langhry

Walt Schlinkman

Eastland Mavericks

Clay Brewer

Ryan Harris

Jay Hess

James Morton

Eden Bulldogs

Robert Stansberry

El Paso Coronado Thunderbirds

Lance Taylor

El Paso Franklin Cougars

Michael Scott

El Paso Tigers

Billy Squires

El Paso Ysleta Indians

Mike Sutherlin

Ft. Stockton Panthers

Buddy Luce

Hamlin Pied Pipers

Eddie Bolden

Johnny Jones

Robert Pearce

Brad Rowland

Mike Shivers

Haskell Indians

Charles Franklin

John Kimbrough Haskell Indians/Abilene Eagles

Hereford Whiteface

Steve Hodges

Butch Waltherscheid

Iraan Indians 

Dillion Dees

Bud McFadin

Jayton Jaybirds 

Mark Fincher

Trey Richy

Jim Ned Indians 

Gary Gardner

Colt McCoy

Johnny Quinney

Kermit Yellow Jackets

Leo Brooks

Andy Buffington

Wayne Culvahouse

Joe Eithridge

Kenneth Ives

Ben Lawrence

Trevor Leeson

Rick Spinks

Don Kay Brown

Tim Peden

Lamesa Tornados

Tommy Doyle

Wayne Hogg

Littlefield Wildcats

Jerry Cotter

Don Crossley

Bryan Gregory

Loraine Bulldogs

Eddie Merkel

Lubbock Coronado Mustangs 

Shaney Wilkinson

Lubbock Dunbar Pathers

Larry Green

Lubbock Monterey Plainsmen

Randy Bolin

Dale Harris

Chris Key

Byron Price

Lubbock Estacado Matadors 

Jerry Gray

Robert Johnson

Jerry Upshaw

Lubbock Westerners 

Hub Bechtol

Mike Bowman

Mike Brady

Charles Brewer

Bobby Brown

Don Burrell

Pat Farris

Max Gatlin

Jimmy Gofford

Pat Hartsfield

E. J. Holub

Leete Jackson

Greg Lott

Roland Nabors

Joe Tyson

Walter Webster

Wallace Webster

Jimmy Welch

Mason Cowpunchers

Dylan Hofmann

David Mora

Rio Schmidt

Chance Stockbridge

Korey Zaval

McCamey Badgers 

Charles Dixon

Bubba Greer

Merkel Badgers

Bubba Greer

Ronnie Reeger

Midland Bulldogs 

Mack Lawrence

Edwin “Wahoo” McDaniel

Wayne Merritt

Ross Montgomery

Knox Nunnally

Bob Stanley

Wendell Williams

Midland Greewood Rangers

Kam Williams

Midland Lee Rebels 

Eric Benson

Isaac Garnett

Junior Miller

Carl Schreiner

Monahans Lobos 

Weldon Boggins

Ray Cathey

Erich Hardaway

Trevor Owens

Junior Morales

Wayne Pettis

Billy Phipps

Waldo Young

Motley County Matadors 

Tim Shannon

Mozelle Mustangs

Knox Pittard

Muleshoe Fighting Mules 

Austin Bamert

Marshall Head

Ryan Johnson

Sergio Montejan

Garrett Riley

Auston Ross

Ronnie Swint

Victor Vasquez

Cooper Washington

Lane Wood

Wes Wood

Odessa Broncos 

Winston Beam

Gary Crain

Richard Dennard

C. J. Eddison

Keith Evans

Herman Foster

Hayden Fry

Larry Gatlin

Gordon Headlee

Bradley Marquez

Billy Moorman

Jimmy Patterson

Carl Schemeyer

Melvin Simmons

Skippy Spruill

Don Thompson

J. W. Thompson

Byron Townsend

Fred Wendt

Ken White

Jack Wilkinson

Odessa Permian Panthers 

Jay Collins

Chris Comer

Roy Dunn

Britt Hager

Glenn Halsell

Lloyd Hill

Scott Mann

Mike Mayte

Stephen Nold

Garrett Porter

David Shipman

Russell Wheatley

Roy Williams

Mike Williams

Paint Rock Indians (6 man) 

Tony Diaz

(Standing 5 foot 4 and 130 pounds Diaz scored 12 touchdowns in a game twice in 2010 with a total of 71. A knee injury cut his magical season year short at 11 games)

Pampa Harvesters

Charles Boyles

Randall Clay

Ken Hebert i

Randy Matson

Zack Thomas

Panhandle Panthers

Tod Mayfield

Pecos Eagles

John Medanich
(Medanich is one of the great high school running backs however, his team never got out of district play losing their only game 32-26 to the Monahans Lobos (10-0) ending up with an 8-1 record. The Eagles blew out every team including scoring 78-0 over Stanton.) 

Jared Widham

Phillips Black Hawks

Lynn Johnson

Don Meek

Don Smith

Jimmie Williams

Plains Cowboys

Dan Cook

Ronnie Elmore

Joe Don Marrow

Plainview Bulldogs

Ronnie Hendricks

Bill Howton

Jesse McGuire

Tom Sawyer

Jerry Sizemore

Lonnie Whitfield

Post Antelopes 

Thomas Basques

Norm Cash
(Cash became a pro baseball player)

Alejo Rodriquez

Milton Williams

Quanah Indians

Ridley Gibson

Jim Prater

Ralls Jackrabbits

Dwayne Phillips

Dewayne Slater

Rankin Red Devils

Jerry McDonald

Ray Winters

Richland Springs Coyotes

Tyler Eithridge

Roscoe Plowboys 

J. T. Lyday

Toby Styrom

Jacob Villanueva

Jared Villanueva

Rotan Yellow Hammers 

Bill Ashton

Steve Herron

Howard Van Loon

Rule Bobcats 

Jimmy Lisle

San Angelo Bobcats 

Terry Collins

Drew Darby

Dwain Dodson

A.Z. Drones

Jerry Drones

Tommy Ford

George Graham

Jim Grissen

Harold Hendrick

Marvin Lasater

Shea Morenz

Gary Mullins

Milton Rathbone

Mike Sheehan

Herb Smith

Fred Stringer

Joe Williams

San Angelo Lakeview Chiefs

C. L Avants

Mike Sanders

Sanderson Eagles

Felix Valles


Clyde Keltner

Seminole Indians

Randy Hicks

Kenny Roberts

Jim Vining

Jimmy Walker

Val Joe Walker

Seymour Pathers

Lynn Thornhill

Snyder Tigers 

Leslie Brown

Milton Ham

Jack Spikes

Sonora Broncos

Damon Evans

Eddie Howell

George Johnson

Mike Gosney

Ed Lee Renfro

Bobby Sutton

Carl Teaff

Stamford Bulldogs

Wayne Bates

Charles Coody

Donald Davis

Charlie Davis

Bobby Gamblin

Bob Harrison

Hagen Hutchinson

Kenneth Lowe

Mike McClellan

Tyler Neatherlin

Jesse Ramos

Dale Robinson

Wendell Ray Robinson

Charles Stenholm

Wayne Wash

James Washington

Royce West

Stinnett Commanches 

Donnie Anderson

Guymon Phillips

Sundown Roughnecks

Garret Carter

Roland Rodriquez

Sunray Bobcats

Johnny Johnson

John Mark Worst

Sweetwater Mustangs

Buddy Alldredge

Sammy Baugh

Billy Belew

Ken Dismuke

Abe Lincoln

Charles Thompson

Mike Welch

Tahoka Bulldogs 

Clifford Bailey

Ray Palmer

Wall Hawks

Boyd Henry

Jacob Reed

Whitharral Panthers 

Brandon Hoskins

Wink Wildcats 

Tommy Dewitt

Arnold Holloway

Bud Rollins

Danny Villarreal

Winters Blizzards

Denny Alridge

Roger O’Neal

Richard Puckett

Note: Additional deserving players will be added as research continues.

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