“Independent Women” 2000 Destiny’s Child (Houston)
“Lady” 1980 Kenny Rogers (Houston)
“The Battle Of New Orleans” 1959 Johnny Horton (Tyler)
“Tammy” 1957 *Debbie Reynolds (El Paso)
“I’d Do Anything For Love” 1993 **Meatloaf (Dallas)
“Tequila” 1957 The Champs” ***Chuck Rio sax/composer (Rankin)
“Big Bad John” 1961 Jimmy Dean (Plainview)
“Sugar Shack” 1963 Jimmy Gilmer (Amarillo) & Fireballs (Raton, NM)
“Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head” 1970 B.J. Thomas (Rosebud)
“I Can See Clearly Now” 1972 Johnny Nash (Houston)
“Arthur’s Theme” 1981 Christopher Cross (San Antonio)
“Say My Name” Destiny’s Child 2000 (Houston)
“Running Bear” 1959 Johnny Preston (Port Author)
“Baby, Don’t Get Hooked On Me” 1972 Mac Davis (Lubbock)
“Hey, Paula” 1963 Paul & Paula (Joshua/McCamey)****
“Oh, Pretty Woman” Roy Orbison 1964 (Vernon/Wink)
“Hey, Baby” 1962 Bruce Channel (Ft Worth)
“The Joker” 1982 Steve Miller Band (Dallas)
“Island In The Stream” 1983 Kenny Rogers/Dolly Parton (Houston)
“Bootylicious” 2001 Destiny’s Child (Houston)

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* Mary Francis Reynolds
** Marvin Aday
***Daniel Flores
**** Jill Jackson & Ray Hildebrand

Top 3 Songs of All Time (1900-2011)
“Iris” – 1998 Goo Goo Dolls 18 weeks #1
“Near You” – 1947 Francis Craig Orchestra/Bob Lamm (vocal) 17 weeks #1
“One Sweet Day” – 1995 Mariah Carey/Boys 2 Men 16 weeks #1 & “Don’t Speak” – 1996 No Doubt 16 weeks #1
Top Recording Artist of All-Time: Bing Crosby

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