Medal_of_HonorThe Medal of Honor is the highest award for valor in action against an enemy force which can be bestowed upon an individual serving in the Armed Services of the United States. Because of its nature it is often awarded posthumously This memorial display has been established to preserve the memory and honor of those from West Texas.


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Staff Sergeant Ambrosio Guillen
El Paso/La Junta

U.S. Marine Corp Medal of Honor Korea 1954. Awarded posthumously to his parents by the Secretary of the Navy Charles Thomas. His award is on permanent display at Guillen Junior High School in El Paso which was named in his honor and a memorial is in a museum in La Junta, Colorado.

He is buried in Ft. Bliss National Cemetery in El Paso.

Lt. Colonel George Andrew Davis Jr.

U.S. Army Air Force World War 2 air combat ace in the Pacific. Medal of Honor in Korea 1952. Awarded posthumously to his wife, Doris, by General Nathan Twining at Reece AFB with Senator Lyndon Johnson in attendance. Although a memorial headstone is in Lubbock his body was never recovered from his jet fighter plane that crashed into a mountain near the Manchurian border in North Korea. The far majority of Korean Jet Aces flew the North American F-86 Sabre Jet in which Colonel Davis was the only pilot to receive the Congressional Medal of Honor.

Corporal Benito Martinez
Ft. Hancock

U.S. Army Medal of Honor Korea 1952. Awarded posthumously by President Truman to his family. Grade schools in both Ft. Hancock and in El Paso are named in his honor.

Buried in El Paso.

Corporal Alfred Mac Wilson

U.S. Marines Medal of Honor Viet Nam 1969. Graduated from Odessa High joining the Marine Reserves in Abilene in 1967. Awarded posthumously to his family by Vice President Agnew at the Whitehouse.

Buried in Sunset Memorial Gardens Cemetery in Odessa.

Major Horace Seaver Carswell
San Angelo/Ft Worth

U.S. Air Force bomber pilot Medal of Honor Pacific Theater 1944. Married Virginia Ede daughter of San Angelo ranching family. Later stationed at Goodfellow AFB in San Angelo in 1940. Carswell Air force Base in Ft. Worth re-named in his honor in 1948. Awarded posthumously to his wife and son.

Buried at a Catholic Mission in Tungchen, China.

Private George Mathews Shelton

U.S. Army Medal of Honor Philippine Insurrection 1902. Served in World War 2 with the rank of Captain.

Buried in the San Francisco National Cemetery.

Staff Sergeant Marvin Rex Young

U.S. Army Medal of Honor Viet Nam 1968. Graduated from Odessa Permian High attended Odessa College. Awarded Posthumously to his mother at the Whitehouse by President Nixon.

Buried in Sunset Memorial Gardens in Odessa.

PFC Silvestre Santana Herrera
El Paso/Mexico

Army National guard Medal of Honor 1945 World War 2 France His uncle, pretending to be his father, brought him to El Paso when he was 18 months old for a better life. An elementary school is named In his honor. Presented to Sergeant Herrera in a wheel chair at the Whitehouse by President Truman.

PFC Herman C. Wallace

U. S. Army Medal of Honor World War 2 Germany 1945. Little else is known including his birthdate. Awarded posthumously.

Buried in Lubbock.

2nd Lieutenant Jack Warren Mathis
San Angelo

U.S. Army Air Force Medal of Honor World War 2 over Germany. Awarded posthumously. His brother, also U.S. Air Force, took his place as bombardier and he was killed in action over the North Sea. Mathis Municipal Airport in San Angelo was named in honor of both brothers.

Jack is buried in Fairmont Cemetery in San Angelo.

Lance Corporal Thomas Elbert Creek

U.S. Marines Medal of Honor Viet Nan 1969. Awarded posthumously by Vice President Agnew. The Veterans Affairs in Amarillo is named in his honor.

Buried in Amarillo.

Sergeant Finnis Dawson McLeery
Stephenville/San Angelo

U. S. Army Medal of Honor Vietnam 1968. Presented to him at The Whitehouse by President Nixon. After retiring from the Army he resided in San Angelo until his death in 2002.

Buried in Belvedere Memorial Cemetery in San Angelo.

2nd Lieutenant George Herman O’Brian Jr.
Big Spring/Ft Worth

USMC Medal of Honor Korea 1952. Graduated from Big Spring High in 1944 then to Texas Tech joining the Marine Reserves. Presented to him at the Whitehouse by President Eisenhower in 1953. Died in Midland in 2005.

Buried in the Texas State Cemetery in Austin.

Sergeant George Dennis Keathley

U.S. Army Medal of Honor Italy World War 2 1944. Graduated from Texas A&M in 1937. Awarded posthumously to his wife at Camp Walters, Texas 1945 by Major General Magruder. In 1944 a troopship was named in his honor. He is honored with a remembrance bronze relief at the Texas A&M Corp of Cadets Center along with a dormitory.

Buried in the American Battlefield Monument Cemetery in Florence Italy.

1st Lieutenant William Dean Hawkins
El Paso/Kansas

USMC Medal of Honor Pacific World War 2 1943. He graduated from El Paso High at 16. Because of scars received from an accidental scalding as a baby he was turned down by both the Army & the Navy in 1942. Entering the Marines as a private he moved up the ranks receiving a battlefield commission and 6 months later he was killed in the battle of Tarawa. In El Paso Hawkins Road & Hawkins Elementary were named in his honor.

His remains were eventually interred in the National Memorial Cemetery in Honolulu.

Army Sergeant First Class Paul R. Smith
El Paso/Florida

U.S. Army Medal of Honor Iraq War 2005. A member of the 3rd Infantry Division like Audie Murphy in World War 2. Smith was the first to receive the Medal of Honor during Operation Iraqi Freedom. Presented posthumously to his wife and son by President George Bush. A U.S. Post Office along with a new middle school in Holiday, Florida, was named in his honor.


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