Nashville Cats Series

by Judi Myrick

We finally got the pictures from the Country Music Hall of Fame showing Weldon being entered into the “Nashville Cats Series” this past August. If you would like to see them, go to and click on the Gallery and you will see the Nashville Cats Album, click on that and all of the photos will come up.

 Hope you enjoy seeing the photos….it was a special day for a special guy.

by Rosie Dalton

My name is Rosie Dalton. My husband, Charlie Dalton, had the privilege of being inducted into the West Texas Music Hall Of Fame Pioneer/Sidemen Section along with other West Texas music talents such as Sonny West. Charlie and Sonny are Board Members of the WTMHOF. Sid Holmes, the director, has asked me to write some articles for the NEWS section for the website.

 Not long ago, Charlie & I had met with Sonny West, at the temporary WTMHOF-Museum located in Abilene, where Charlie presented Sonny with his 2007 Entertainer of the Year plaque. Sonny is best known for writing two hit songs for Buddy Holly- OH BOY and RAVE ON. While there, Charlie and his guitar-playing friend, Buddy O’Bannon jammed with Sonny and they did both his songs and what a fun time!

 Sonny’s “still got it”. He has several albums, “West Texas Wind” and “Sonny West Rave On”. Visit his website: While talking to Sonny, we learned he still travels around the world performing at concerts that includes the UK and Europe. Sonny says 50’s style Rock & Roll is still “alive and rockin” as in August 2009 he performed before a sold-out crowd in Senigallia, Italy at their “10th Annual Jamboree” that was held inside an ancient castle. Some of the other Rock & Roll All Stars that appeared included Hayden Thompson (Love You Baby), Ray Sharpe (Linda Lu) and Dale Hawkins (Suzie Q). Sonny performed his early recordings of Oh Boy, Rave On, Rock-Ola Ruby and Sweet Rockin Baby. According to Sonny of the thousands that attended many were in their 20’s. Quoting Sonny: “While not actively seeking out these gigs..I suppose we all should stay in the game as long as we are able”–AMEN!

 For many years Charlie and I have set up a booth, once a month, at the world’s largest flea mart located in Canton, Texas near Dallas. We are located on Row 55 selling toys. On Thur, Fri, Sat nights, several musicians including Charlie, get together from 7 til 10 for a jam session. Bring your guitar and join us. “stay in the game”. For more info on the flea mart: Everyone have a good Holiday!!


Congratulations to Tony “Ham” Guerrero & Tortilla Factory for receiving a 2008 Grammy nomination in the category of “Best Tejano Album” (for his web site go to the Pioneer section clicking on Tony.

Eddy Arnold

Eddy Arnold, Country Music Hall of Fame singer, died on May 9th 2008 just a few months shy of his 90th birthday. After receiving encouragement from friends and fans he recorded his 100th album just a couple of years ago. Before he decided to record this LP he responded to these folks by saying he didn’t know if he could sing any more? After singing in the shower practicing up he decided he sounded pretty good for his age.

 Eddy Arnold was extremely popular in the 40’s when country wasn’t cool. With first-rate pop-oriented material and a friendly smooth voice, much like Bing Crosby, he won approval from listeners around the world. For starters here are some examples: “I’ll Hold You In My Arms” #1 for 21 weeks staying on the charts 46 weeks. “Anytime” #1 for 9 weeks staying on the charts 39 weeks. “Bouquet Of Roses” #1 for 19 weeks staying on the charts for 54 weeks. It’s no wonder he’s the #1 singer in Country music history.

 One of his many fan favorites was “The Cattle Call” #1 in 1955 in which he later sang on Le Ann Rimes “Blue” LP. He was doing pretty well health-wise until he fell. Eddy invested his money wisely purchasing property around Nashville now worth millions. He’s survived by a son and a daughter.

 The West Texas Music Hall of Fame Annual Awards Thanks to our new web-designer, Dani Shaw from Garland (, we are now able to pick up where we last left off in 2005…concerning annual recognition awards. We hope the recipients, who will be receiving these award plaques, will understand the delay.

The Catching-Up List:

2005 Pioneer Award:

Richard Porter/Eddie Williams & The Poor Boys (Odessa)

2006 Pioneer Award: The Picks (John Pickering, Bill Pickering & Bob Lapham)

2007 Pioneer Award: Junior Pelzel (San Angelo)

2005 Entertainer of the Year: The Sundown High School Band (State Champs)

2006 Entertainer of the Year: The Tim Kreitz Band (Midland)

Entertainer of the Year: Joe “Sonny” West (Abilene)

2008 Entertainer of the Year: Cory Bevins Band (Abilene)

Special Recognition Award:Paul Davidson (Levelland)

Special Recognition Award: William “Bill” Griggs (Lubbock)

Special Recognition Award: Maggie Scales (Amarillo)

Special Recognition Award: Lynn Massey (San Angelo)

Special Recognition Award: Michael Henry Martin (Abilene)

Lifetime Achievement Award: Bill Mack (Shamrock)

Since we’ve made every effort to contact the above recipients including sending them e-mails…if we fail to receive a response (needing an address) their award plaque will be put on hold.

Jodie Nix & The Texas Cowboys

Jody & band continue to amaze as they travel all over West Texas week after week, month after month and year after year performing in clubs and for special events. Be sure and check-out and while you are there click on their Schedule. From Big Spring to Lubbock, San Angelo, Snyder, Midland, and then all the way to Amarillo and back to Big Spring then for good measure throwing in Wichita Falls and Ft. Worth? You would think that schedule would warrant a break for Jody possibly basking in the sun in Hawaii? Guess not, as he’s now scheduled to play in Washington, DC for almost a week. When you go to his site be sure and listen to the opening song before you click on “Enter” as bands work very hard making records and always appreciate you taking a listen. For some of you who don’t know…Jody is the son of Hoyle Nix (The West Texas Cowboys from Big Spring 50’s 60’s). Hoyle was not only a friend of Bob Wills but patterned his music after Bob & The Texas Playboys. Jodie & The Texas Cowboys continue carrying on the Bob & Hoyle tradition…out there preserving Western Swing. Jody Nix was the WTMHOF’s 2001 “Entertainer of the Year” and continues to perform at the Stampede in Big Spring…the club his dad made famous. At one time a young and inexperienced singer, named Lefty Frizzell, was across town at the Ace of Clubs on Highway 80 doing his thing. The discovery of oil, along with a refinery being in Big Spring, was a big factor in these two historical clubs attracting some big crowds.

Buddy Holly Street Sign on e-Bay

After finally “waking up” with only 2 minutes remaining on an e-Bay auction we jumped in bidding $100.00 in which other bidders had run it up to $46.00. After bidding $100.00 others came back the last 2 minutes trying to outbid me but time ran out on them. The final bid was $76.00 + shipping. The BH street sign is an original and had gotten broken during installation in which the city let one of the employees have it.. Had I bid $100.00 earlier most likely we would have been out-bid. Go to e-Bay searching #330234986386 if you might want to view it. If it had not been for the small crack (damage) we would never have gotten a shot at this one-of-a-kind piece of WT music history.

Oil Prices and Tourism in 2008

The high price of crude oil has caused a boom in housing and business development in Midland (read early HISTORY on this site). Abilene has been on a tare for some years now having 5 foundations who have shared their kindness and money with many area non-profit organizations in order to preserve historic downtown. Behind this was the idea that historic Abilene, along with other local attractions, would rate high on the list of Texas tourist attractions. The high price of gas will surely throw cold water on that plan.

Disappearing e-mails addresses & Web Sites

Quite a few from the Honor Roll & Songwriter section have just up and disappeared? Yes, it’s true as time continues to march on no one can stay young forever. The highest per cent of folks now living in West Texas are in their middle 40’s. Since time is of the essence we have been doing everything we can in order to have a permanent WTMHOF-Museum building in Abilene. We won’t be depending on others as our motto has always been: “If you want something done you gotta do it yourself”.