Spotlight Photo – March 1, 2013

Prom Photo 1964

Ed Logan, hands folded and to the left of George Harrison, was a member of The Cavaliers in Memphis, Tennessee in 1960-61. The Cavaliers had worked their way from San Angelo to New Orleans and finally to Memphis in late 1959. After securing a 6 nights a week playing job at a Memphis Club this young sax player walks in one night wanting to play a couple numbers with the band. He told the band his biggest influence was Duane Eddy’s sax player. Sid Holmes then tested him by kicking off “40 Miles Of Bad Road” in which Ed quickly impressed the paying crowd and the band with his great sax playing. In order to keep Ed coming around Sid traded in his Fender Telecaster for an orange Duane Eddy Gretsch. During the time Ed Logan was with the band numerous Duane Eddy numbers were recorded at Fernwood Studios in Memphis basically for fun. Ed would later join the Bill Black Combo and when The Beatles toured America for the first time in 1964 they wanted Bill Black Combo to open for them. So, this is how Ed got in this photo with The Fab 4. Notice on their jackets BBC. Too bad Bill couldn’t be there as he had died earlier. Ed later joined The Memphis Horns. During his career he played on sessions with Elvis, Rod Stewart, Aretha Franklin, B.J. Thomas, Al Green, Stephen Stills, Isaac Hayes to name a few.

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