Spotlight Photo – January 03, 2013


When you have song-writing talents like Ray Evans and Jay Livingston you never have to work a day in your life. This song-writing team won three Academy Awards in 1948 for “Buttons And Bows” from the movie The Paleface with Bob Hope. In 1946 the #1 hit “To Each His Own.” In 1950 they wrote “Mona Lisa” for Nat King Cole. In 1956 “Que Sera Sera” for Doris Day. In 1957 the all-time top song from West Texas “Tammy” recorded by Debbie Reynolds. The Christmas standard “Silver Bells.” TV theme songs for Bonanza and Mr. Ed. “Dear Heart” for the 1964 film. Ray Evans died February 15, 2007 he was 92. Jay Livingston studied piano and played local clubs while in high school meeting Ray organizing a dance band. He died October 17, 2001. After writing “Silver Bells” they became known as the Jews who wrote Christmas songs. Ray’s brother Alan is best known for signing The Beatles to Capital Records. Interesting to note they wrote the song “Alley Oop” that kept Roy Orbison’s “Only The Lonely” out of the #1 position in 1961.

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