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A few days ago, my husband, Charlie Dalton, received his Official n World Record Certificate for being one of the 1867 Guitar Pickers who met at Luckenbach, Texas on August 23, 2009. They joined together under the trees to help raise money for “The Welcome Home Project”, a nonprofit organization that puts out albums to raise awareness about veteran issues and uses music to help injured Vets recover while finding a creative outlet for them (if you were there and would like a certificate,go to their website The Guinness World Record Officials were on hand in Luckenbach as Charlie and 1866 other Guitar Pickers joined together and played in unison, “Luckenbach Texas” and “This Land Is Your Land” (written by a West Texan, Woody Guthrie) for 5 minutes each to break the world record. The previous record was 1,803 held by Germany. I guess you could say, America has another Gold Medal, of which we are very proud. It all was for a good cause. The West Texas Music Hall Of Fame even has an official guitar signed by a lot of the pickers. This was also a very patriotic event.

 While we’re on that subject, my brother Armando Cantu has just finished his fourth Music Video which concerns the American flag. Go to and in search put in americantu then click on “Indignity Of Freedom”. It is a very touching video and features Charlie’s 90 year old uncle Gordon Dalton, who is a Vet and lives in San Angelo, Tx. He is also in the video Armando did with Charlie. I guess you could call this a “REAL WEST TEXAS MUSIC VIDEO. It has the dance hall, country music, and the boots. To see this video go to Pioneers, click on Charlie’s name or go to:

 Charlie wrote and sang the song, “The Old Man In His Tennis Shoes” . Charlie’s 90 year old uncle is the star in this video. The music recording session was done at Patrick McGuire’s Studio in Arlington with Buddy O’Bannon’s help on the guitar. The video was all filmed exclusively in San Angelo, Texas. You will see the park on the Concho River, West Texas railroad tracks, and the familiar “Twin Mountains”. Charlie used an old Martin guitar that he borrowed from Lewis Elliott. The dancing scenes were at the VFW while Snake Atkinson and The Country Showmen band were playing. Let us know if you see any more youtube videos that have West Texas connections.

See you next time–Rosie Dalton

Pickers Official Guiness World Record

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