by Rosie Dalton

My name is Rosie Dalton. My husband, Charlie Dalton, had the privilege of being inducted into the West Texas Music Hall Of Fame Pioneer/Sidemen Section along with other West Texas music talents such as Sonny West. Charlie and Sonny are Board Members of the WTMHOF. Sid Holmes, the director, has asked me to write some articles for the NEWS section for the website.

 Not long ago, Charlie & I had met with Sonny West, at the temporary WTMHOF-Museum located in Abilene, where Charlie presented Sonny with his 2007 Entertainer of the Year plaque. Sonny is best known for writing two hit songs for Buddy Holly- OH BOY and RAVE ON. While there, Charlie and his guitar-playing friend, Buddy O’Bannon jammed with Sonny and they did both his songs and what a fun time!

 Sonny’s “still got it”. He has several albums, “West Texas Wind” and “Sonny West Rave On”. Visit his website: While talking to Sonny, we learned he still travels around the world performing at concerts that includes the UK and Europe. Sonny says 50’s style Rock & Roll is still “alive and rockin” as in August 2009 he performed before a sold-out crowd in Senigallia, Italy at their “10th Annual Jamboree” that was held inside an ancient castle. Some of the other Rock & Roll All Stars that appeared included Hayden Thompson (Love You Baby), Ray Sharpe (Linda Lu) and Dale Hawkins (Suzie Q). Sonny performed his early recordings of Oh Boy, Rave On, Rock-Ola Ruby and Sweet Rockin Baby. According to Sonny of the thousands that attended many were in their 20’s. Quoting Sonny: “While not actively seeking out these gigs..I suppose we all should stay in the game as long as we are able”–AMEN!

 For many years Charlie and I have set up a booth, once a month, at the world’s largest flea mart located in Canton, Texas near Dallas. We are located on Row 55 selling toys. On Thur, Fri, Sat nights, several musicians including Charlie, get together from 7 til 10 for a jam session. Bring your guitar and join us. “stay in the game”. For more info on the flea mart: Everyone have a good Holiday!!

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