Jerry Reed

I was shocked to learn that Jerry Reed had died (2008)? Just recently, I had been wondering why we haven’t been seeing any music news on Jerry?

 Although he seemed to have gotten caught-up in the movie thing much like Elvis…I was hoping he would find the time to get back in the recording studio. What a unique guitar player, songwriter and performer. “When You’re Hot You’re Hot” (Grammy) “Amos Moses” etc. Seems great guitarist start young and Jerry not being the exception began playing at 8 years old when his mother bought him a $2.00 kid guitar. The CMA voted him “The Instrumentalist of the Year” in 1970. In 1992 he and Chet Atkins got together in the studio on “Sneaking Around” winning another Grammy. In the 90’s he was doing over 90 shows a year. In 1999 he had quadruple by-pass surgery. A life of cigarette smoking took its toll on another great talent.

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