Eddy Arnold

Eddy Arnold, Country Music Hall of Fame singer, died on May 9th 2008 just a few months shy of his 90th birthday. After receiving encouragement from friends and fans he recorded his 100th album just a couple of years ago. Before he decided to record this LP he responded to these folks by saying he didn’t know if he could sing any more? After singing in the shower practicing up he decided he sounded pretty good for his age.

 Eddy Arnold was extremely popular in the 40’s when country wasn’t cool. With first-rate pop-oriented material and a friendly smooth voice, much like Bing Crosby, he won approval from listeners around the world. For starters here are some examples: “I’ll Hold You In My Arms” #1 for 21 weeks staying on the charts 46 weeks. “Anytime” #1 for 9 weeks staying on the charts 39 weeks. “Bouquet Of Roses” #1 for 19 weeks staying on the charts for 54 weeks. It’s no wonder he’s the #1 singer in Country music history.

 One of his many fan favorites was “The Cattle Call” #1 in 1955 in which he later sang on Le Ann Rimes “Blue” LP. He was doing pretty well health-wise until he fell. Eddy invested his money wisely purchasing property around Nashville now worth millions. He’s survived by a son and a daughter.

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