The National Cowgirl Hall of Fame Museum

We visited the National Cowgirl Hall of Fame’s multimillion dollar facility ($8.00 person) located near the Will Rogers Coliseum on a Sunday afternoon in May. This all-new brick building is about ¾ of a block long and possibly 3 stories high with 33,000 sq ft. of space. Out front is a life-size bronze statue of a gal on a horse along with a large painted mural on the side of the building of 5 gals on horses. I was overwhelmed by the expensive door handles, glass cases, carpet, the interior, stair cases, railings etc. The place is a prime example of too many people with too much money spending it foolishly…the blind leading the blind. Instead of concentrating on the cowgirls and their memorabilia they put most of their efforts on trying to impress people. There were a few Roy & Dale items such as a lunch kit, a kid miniature guitar, a few historical cowgirl boots, chaps, saddles & hats that are displayed in high-dollar glass cases. All in all the National Cowgirl HOF is a joke when it comes to being a museum. If you want to see a list of the Hall of Fame inductees (you won’t find it on any wall) just ask one of the folks at the reception booth and they will hand you one on paper. Want to hear a song from the past by Dale Evans (Uvalde) or Louise Massey (Midland)? No problems as you can drop a quarter in miniature juke box putting on a pair of ear phones. This is one of those places, much like Frontier Texas, where you go one time never to return.

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